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Class specific spells

Name Level Cooldown Mana Cost Description Showcase
Stab 8 1s / 2s 20 Stab the target. Chance to cause bleed Stab.gif
Slash 25 2s / 2s 50 Quick Slash around the caster Slash.gif
Poison Bomb 65 4s / 2s 120 Throw a poisoned bomb which poisons the target Poisonbomb.gif
Infected Blade 120 6s / 2s 150 Two quick death cuts which infects the target with necrotic poison (poison max stack: 3) Infectedblade.gif
Stealth 300 20s / 1s 500 Enter Stealth to move undetected for a short time.This spell is only acquired through a certain quest Stealth.gif
Spread Infection 300 8s / 2s 200 Small area damage which spread the target afflictions to near foes Spreadinfection.gif
Reaper Affliction 800 18s / 2s 500 Curses the target with an affliction that causes death and earth damage, increasing by the second Reaperaffliction.gif
Consumation 1600 24s / 2s 1500 Consumes the afflictions, dealing the equivalent damage of 70% remaining damage. This spell is only acquired through a certain quest Consumation.gif
Hateful Knives 2500 24s / 2s 1500 Throws several knives around the caster, dealing damage to anything inside a medium area. Applies bleeding to the targets hit by the spell. This spell is only acquired through a certain quest. Hatefulknives.gif