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In BlackTalon, aside form the usual outfit and addon cosmetics already existent from the base game, we can also expand on that and add special types of cosmetics that you can obtain for yourself. They range from custom outfits, wings, auras and shaders. We will list them below to showcase them, as well as separating in categories.


Showcase Name
Stalkeroutfit.png Stalker
Elfarcheroutfit.png Elf Archer
Duelistoutfit.png Duelist
Shieldlessmaidenoutfit.png Shieldless Maiden
Renegadeoutfit.png Renegade
Wiseoneoutfit.png Wise One
Bunnygirloutfit.png Bunny Girl
Bunnyboioutfit.png Bunny Boi
Easterbunnyoutfit.png Easter Bunny
Ghostrideroutfit.gif Ghost Rider
Darkknightoutfit.png Dark Knight


Showcase Name
Demonwings.gif Demon
Angelwings.gif Angel
Oceanwings.gif Ocean
Rainbowwings.gif Rainbow
Crimsonwings.gif Crimson
Jadewings.gif Jade
Blacksteelwings.gif Blacksteel
Rosewings.gif Rose
Blackdemonwings.gif Black Demon
Demoniacembracewings.gif Demoniac Embrace
Fierywings.gif Fiery
Mysticfairywings.gif Mystic Fairy
Angelicalwings.gif Angelical
Archangelwings.gif Archangel
Dragonwings.gif Dragon
Redspikewings.gif Red Spikes
Fairydesertwings.gif Fairy Desert
Steampunkwings.gif Steampunk
Bandagedwings.gif Bandaged
Magmawings.gif Magma
Butterflywings.gif Butterfly
Lightningwings.gif Lightning
Lightforgedwings.gif Lightforged
Pumpkinfacewings.gif Pumpkin Face
Boneswings.gif Bones
Shardswings.gif Shards
Pinkfeatherswings.gif Pink Feathers
Redfeatherswings.gif Red Feathers
Smallimpwings.gif Small Imp
Darkplumewings.gif Dark Plume
Frozenbatwings.gif Frozen Bat
Chocolatewings.gif Chocolate
Medalwings.gif Medal
Forbiddensandswings.gif Forbidden Sands
Luminousbutterflywings.gif Luminous Butterfly
Shardsrainbowwings.gif Shards (Rainbow)
Smallimpbluewings.gif Small Imp (Blue)
Smallimpgreenwings.gif Small Imp (Green)
Smallimppinkwings.gif Small Imp (Pink)
Holyforbiddensandswings.gif Holy Forbidden Sands
Medalofdarknesswings.gif Medal of Darkness
Blueluminousbutterflywings.gif Blue Luminous Butterfly


Showcase Name
Fireaura.gif Fire
Darknessaura.gif Darkness
Bloodskullaura.gif Blood Skull
Mysticsoulaura.gif Mystic Soul
Bluenergyballaura.gif Blue Energy Ball
Rednergyballaura.gif Red Energy Ball
Purplenergyballaura.gif Purple Energy Ball
Mysticswirlaura.gif Mystic Swirl
Blazingaura.gif Blazing
Electricsparksaura.gif Electric Sparks
Celestialaura.gif Celestial
Energyaura.gif Energy
Rainbowswirlaura.gif Rainbow Swirl
Redsmokeaura.gif Red Smoke
Bluesmokeaura.gif Blue Smoke
Elementalspheresaura.gif Elemental Spheres
Mortareaaura.gif Mort Area
Batsaura.gif Bats
Floatingchocolatebarsaura.gif Floating Chocolate Bars
Elementalwispsaura.gif Elemental Wisps
Restlessspiritsaura.gif Restless Spirits
Lightningconduitaura.gif Lightning Conduit
Namelessaura.gif To be decided
Darknessblueaura.gif Darkness (Blue)
Darknessgreenaura.gif Darkness (Green)
Neonlightningrainbowaura.gif Neon Lightning (Rainbow)
Thundersphereaura.gif Thunder Sphere
Thunderspheregreenaura.gif Thunder Sphere (Green)
Thunderspherepurpleaura.gif Thunder Sphere (Purple)
Thundersphereredaura.gif Thunder Sphere (Red)
Thundersphereyellowaura.gif Thunder Sphere (Yellow)
Thunderspherewhiteaura.gif Thunder Sphere (White)
Thundersphererainbowaura.gif Thunder Sphere (Rainbow)
Neonlightninggreenaura.gif Neon Lightning (Green)
Neonlightningpurpleaura.gif Neon Lightning (Purple)
Neonlightningredaura.gif Neon Lightning (Red)
Neonlightningwhiteaura.gif Neon Lightning (White)
Neonlightningaura.gif Neon Lightning


Showcase Name
Lineshader.gif Line
Outlineredshader.gif Outline Red
Circleshader.gif Circle
Circle2shader.gif Circle2
Circle3shader.gif Circle3
Circle4shader.gif Circle4
Outlinegreyshader.gif Outline Grey
Outlinegreenshader.gif Outline Green
Outlineblackshader.gif Outline Black
Rainbowshader.gif Rainbow
Retroshader.gif Retro
Poweredshader.gif Powered