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Dungeons are special places where you go if you're seeking to become stronger with different challenges available for you to beat. There's a lot of rewards and special loot for those who can manage to complete a dungeon successfully and they are also a good source of experience, if you so desire to gain some more levels.

Getting There

Dungeon waypoint

In order to access the dungeons, you need to go through the waypoint, as the image is showing. Each different continent will present their specific waypoint to access dungeons. As you travel through different continents, you will also face different dungeons.

Dungeon Types

Dungeon statue

Once reached the dungeon lobby area, you will find yourself with three dungeon types, which are Dwarves, Lizards and Sorcerers.

Each of them have a minimum might requirement to be able to enter it, therefore, the higher the might requirement, the stronger and durable the monsters inside that dungeon are.

In order to enter the dungeon, one must simply right click use the statue found in the room you are now at, as shown in the image below.

If you do not have the required might to enter that dungeon, you will be warned and stopped from entering the dungeon.


Dungeon Options

Dungeon main menu
Dungeon information menu

Before entering, given that you have enough might, upon right clicking the statue of the desired dungeon you want to challenge, you will be prompted with a window, like the image on the left is showing.

You can select whether you want to do this solo or in a group, but bear in mind that the difficulty will increase while doing it in a group, so be careful. Whether you selected solo or group, the window will change and will look like the image on the right.

In this menu, you can see the increase for health, damage and exp for the creatures inside the dungeon. You can also see the required level, required might, max level scale and the max amount of people (when you select group). You can also opt to select the scaling option, that will further increase the creature's health, damage and exp, as well as the final reward, every 50 levels, being the max, for this dungeon (as shown in the image) which is 250, which means that for this particular dungeon, the scaling will not go past level 250. There is an option to increase the amount of creatures inside the dungeons as well, for a small fee.

Dungeon Mechanics

Dungeon charge information on character info panel

In order to enter a dungeon, one must have a dungeon charge. A dungeon charge is generated passively to your character every 8 hours on or offline. You can also buy and/or craft charges at specific NPCs and crafting stations. One can see how many charges they possess by checking the character info panel.

Upon entering the dungeon, you will need to accomplish two things: complete the objectives and kill the boss.

Note: dying inside a dungeon means a normal death penalty.

Note 2: you have a limited time to complete the dungeon. Failing to do so will kick you out not mattering at what point you were.

First stage


The first stage involves killing a certain number of creatures that will appear as a small window on your screen, like shown in the image on the left.

After completing the objectives, you will be allowed to enter the boss room, always located at the end of the dungeon. You do not have to go to the boss room immediately after completing the objectives, but access to the boss room is only possible if you complete the objectives.

Second stage

The second stage involves killing the boss. The boss has dangerous ground spells that you might want to avoid, since they deal high damage, potentially even one shotting you.

After killing the boss, you will be rewarded with several dungeon boxes, that can contain a diverse number of items to help you get stronger, such as upgrade crystals, spell crystals and more. You will also be rewarded with dungeon points, which can be traded at Willet and other dungeon shops for several goods.

NPC Willet
Avoid standing on the colored squares.


Secret Dungeons

Aside from the normal dungeons found usually near cities, there are secret dungeons throughout BlackTalon. You can find them pretty much anywhere from quests, normal monster spawns, etc. Those dungeons are different and require a specific key to enter. They may provide better rewards, as the keys are not available as normal dungeon charges are, so keep an eye open for them.