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The skill tree is a way for you to improve your character through small bonuses that add up over time. These bonuses are part of a path that you can choose and follow for your character within the skill tree, be it a more tank and survival oriented build or a more damage oriented build.

Skill tree mechanics

Others menu - Skill tree

In order to open the skill tree, one must find it on the Others menu, located on the top center in the client UI, like shown in the image. Once clicked, the skill tree will be visible n your screen.

Skill tree

You start from the top, where the wolf's face is located and work your way downwards. The path on the right is damage oriented; the path on the middle is loot oriented and the path on the left is tank oriented. There are no restrictions on what you can get, so build whatever you desire.

As for the points, you can get one point per completed quest, only obtainable for the first time you complete it. You also get points through leveling your character up, getting a point for every few levels.

If you desire to re-do your skill tree at some point, you can hit the Refund Passives button that will remove all of your allocated points and return them for you to spend them again. Be aware that you will need a Skill Tree Reset StoneSkilltreereset.pngto reset your tree, obtainable through the Blue Diamond shop.

It's worth mentioning that you're not stuck in a certain path upon applying a point, so you can freely move horizontally on the tree if you desire to, as long as the nodes are connecting, but be wary of your points, since there won't be many around.

Skill tree presets

At the top buttons when you have the skill tree open, you can see one called "Presets". This feature allows you to quickly change between different skill tree configurations in a single click. These presets are initially locked, and you can unlock them by buying a slot for 3 Blue Diamond each.

Levels per skill tree point

One of the methods to obtain skill tree points is through leveling. You will not get a skill tree point for a single level, instead it's a staged gain, similarly to how experience and skill stages work on most OT servers. Below a table will be organized for better comprehension.

Level interval Levels per point
8 - 1000 50
1001 - 2000 100
2001 - 3000 150
3001 - 4000 200

This table is just to display how the staging works. For every 1000 levels, an extra 50 levels will be necessary to obtain a new skill tree point. Therefore, if a player reaches level 5000, then they will need 250 levels per point and so on.