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Daily Bosses is one of the features BlackTalon has to offer that requires a bit of teamwork to get it done. These bosses, as the page name says, are to be done on a daily basis due to the cooldown that is close to 24 hours for all of these bosses. You can check their cooldowns by using the command !dailyboss or by going to the Boss Cooldown Bosscooldownothers.png interface in the Others menu. These daily bosses aren't available from the get-go, which means that you will need to do some procedures to unlock them.


Daily Boss Menu

The Daily Bosses are located throughout the different spawns in BlackTalon. Daily Bosses are only accessible after you complete a certain assignment, being most of them part of the story line. Once you find the daily boss area, you will need to interact with the glowing orb to open its menu, as the image suggests.

At the Boss Level section, you can select the difficulty that you want to try to beat that boss. Further difficulties will be selectable as you successfully beat the prior difficulty.

At the Information section, you will find the minimum requirements to face the boss, which will change if you select higher difficulties.

At the bottom section, if you are the party leader, you can see all of its members (or just you, if not in a party), as well as their current might and the highest Boss Level beaten.

Challenging higher difficulty bosses will yield higher drop chance for the usual loot that the boss drops, as well as additional Soul Fragments.

The Daily Bosses can drop loot that may be of importance for the players, ranging from equipment to relics and soul scrolls.


Here, we will list all of the current Daily Bosses implemented.

Daily Boss Spawn Location Continent
Dukekruleboss.gifDuke Krule Undead Gladiator Mainland
Dkaragorn.gifDragon Knight Aragorn Baleful Bunny Mainland
Dkaragorn.gifHeroic Dragon Knight Aragorn Baleful Bunny Mainland
Sureza.gif Sureza Yalahari Nefrah
Paleworm.gifPale Worm Gravedigger High Desert
Saruman.gifSaruman Saruman Tower Roshamuul
Cursedking.gifCursed King Haunted Castle Dark Island
Feroxa.pngFeroxa Frost Trolls Icescar
Crystalwarlord.pngCrystal Warlord Barbarians Icescar
Lorekeeper.gifThe Last Lore Keeper Ice Witch Icescar