Loyalty Points

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Loyalty points are a special type of currency that has no physical form and are bound to your character. You can use loyalty points in a certain NPC to purchase from a variety of items.

Loyalty Points Mechanics

You can get loyalty points simply by staying online. Every 30 minutes online you will get 1 loyalty point and a message in your Server Log chat will appear, like this one: "You have received 1 blacktalon loyalty point for being online for 30 minutes. You can trade them at Juarez. Current stock: 301". You can also obtain loyalty points by completing quests and daily quests (only if they are off cooldown). In order to trade them, you will need to find the NPC Juarez, located inside the mainland city' temple, just going south a bit.


He offers a variety of cosmetics, boosts and daily boss charges.

You can check your current loyalty point balance by opening the character info tab, that you can open upon clicking its icon Charinfo icon.png, like the image below suggests.

Loyalty points in character info tab