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Soul Scrolls are items that you can slot into your equipment that will grant you with a different variety of bonuses. These do not drop from any monsters, being quite rare depending on its typing. We will further elaborate about soul scrolls below.


Piece of gear with locked soul scroll slot

The soul scrolls are slottable into any piece of gear that has a slot in it, like shown in the image. The slot will firstly appear as Locked and you will be able to unlock that slot through the usage of soul scroll unlockers, mainly obtained through Hunting Grounds. The availability of a slot in an item varies and usually low level equipment can not have soul scroll slots. For the equipment that can have the slots, upgrading its rarity will increase the slot number by 1. Some equipment need to be of a certain rarity to have its first slot visible, for example the aragorn items, like shown in the image to the right, can only have its first slot visible when it's at epic rarity.

Soul Scrolls have fixed attributes and are tied to the creature that you obtained that scroll, which means that soul scrolls from different monsters are different from one another, but they will have the same bonuses if looted from the same monster.

A soul scroll when you hover your cursor over the scroll (values and monster merely illustrative).
Bonuses displaying on applied soul scroll

Soul scrolls cannot be freely equipped in any piece of gear you have. When looking at the soul scroll, like shown in the image to the left, it will inform you which parts it can be applied to, in its upper part, above the creature's name. You can only equip the soul scroll in its specified equipment part. You can equip only one of the same scroll in the same part, however you can apply the same soul scroll in multiple parts, as long as it's the parts specified and it does not exceed 1 of the same scroll.

When applied to an equipment you will be able to see its bonuses on the equipment's tooltip, like shown in the image to the right.

Soul scrolls are also divided into different content on which you can obtain them, where you can see where it was originated from through its color. A table below will be organized to better understand this concept. There are currently 6 types of content where you can get yourself a soul scroll. The tooltip color will also change accordingly to the scroll type.

Type Image
Hunting Grounds Hg soulscroll.png
Task Bosses Taskbosssoulscroll.png
Fishing Bosses Fishbosssoulscroll.png
Daily Bosses Dailybosssoulscroll.png
Quest Bosses Questbosssoulscroll.png
Continent Bosses Contboss oulscroll.png

There are also 3 tiers of unlockers and a soul scroll remover. The unlockers are used to unlock the slots and are primarily obtained from Hunting Grounds at a rare chance and through Jewelcrafting. Once unlocked, the slot will remain unlocked forever. The soul scroll remover is used to remove any applied soul scrolls from an equipment. No equipment or soul scroll will be lost in the process, so you can remove them at your will. The soul scroll removers can be purchased from Leslie, at the mainland city's temple.

Type Image Description
First Soul Unlocker Firstsoulunlock.png Unlocks the first soul scroll slot from an equipment.
Second Soul Unlocker Secondsoulunlock.png Unlocks the second soul scroll slot from an equipment.
Third Soul Unlocker Thirdsoulunlock.png Unlocks the third soul scroll slot from an equipment.
Soul Scroll Remover Soul scroll remover.png Removes all soul scrolls from an item.