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The Chaos System is a feature that allows monsters to get stronger, while adding more rewards to players in several other content, such as Dungeons, Hunting Grounds and Tower Arena. It is a progressive system that will require time and effort to be put into.

Getting started

Chaos Compass in the others menuu

To initiate your progress into chaos, one must access the Chaos Compass located in the Others menu, like shown in the image. Upon clicking it, a window will popup with the information about the various relations that chaos has with other systems.

Chaos Compass main menu

In this menu, you can see all of the related content tabs in which chaos can interact. The main tab Compass will indicate which monsters in each continent are currently affected by the chaos. This is used to farm Chaos Essences, which are utilized as a sort of currency for the Chaos System.

In the Dungeon and Hunting Ground tabs, you can see how many of each you can do that will yield you with Chaos Essences, as well as to unlock higher chaos levels to increase rewards.

In the Tower Arena tab, you can see how many you can do that will yield you with Chaos Essences, as well as how much bonus loot you will get depending on the unlocked Chaos Level.

And finally, in the Soul Scroll tab, you will be able to corrupt existing soul scrolls. Corrupted soul scrolls will yield double of their original bonuses, while also adding a new and random third bonus. Your character will have a limit of 3 corrupted scrolls simultaneously equipped.

Chaos Mechanics

Monster affected by chaos

Chaos creatures will be present at the designated spawns and content where the chaos has influence on. You may stumble upon some creatures with extra indicators around their names, like the one shown in the image. The chaos level (number shown after the Chaos word) indicates how many times the modifiers are being increased for the monster, which are shown in the Chaos Compass main menu, on the image up and left, which means, for a Chaos level 2 monster, it will have an extra 8% health, 8% damage, 10% experience, 10% orb, 6% loot and a 40% chance to have a special modifier.

Upon killing a chaos monster, you will then be awarded with a Chaos Essence, which will be taken into account for the daily limit of 200 shared between all continents that you can obtain.

Chaos modifier list
Chaos monster with a special modifier

Aside the extra bonuses that chaos monsters will have, they can also have special modifiers which will alter their behavior in some way. You can see that the monster has a special modifier by seeing an icon near its name, like shown in the image. The modifier's descriptions can be found at the Chaos Compass main menu, at the bottom right upon clicking on the Modifiers button.

Every chaos level will add a 20% chance for a monster to have a special modifier. Once it gets to 100% (starting at chaos level 5) it will always have at least one modifier. Chaos levels further than that, will then have a chance for extra modifiers, for example: a chaos level 7 monster will have a 140% to have a special modifier, which translates into a guaranteed modifier and 40% chance for an additional one.

All of this that was discussed here, results in potentially very strong and dangerous monsters, so players must advise caution when facing these special enemies.