Hunting Grounds

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Hunting Grounds are special areas spread throughout BlackTalon that offers players a different experience to grind and get rewards. These areas are present in some spawns and it requires a fee and a hunting ground charge to enter. Differently from normal spawns, inside the hunting grounds you will need to keep on moving, since there is no forced respawn, but the area is quite big with high monster density, making it so you rarely will have no monsters around you.


Hunting Grounds dragon statue
Hunting Grounds window

To enter a hunting ground, you must interact with a statue found in some spawns in BlackTalon. These statues are usually hidden, so make sure to explore thoroughly. Once interacted, a window will pop up, like the one shown on the right.

By having enough to cover your fees, simply click OK to enter that particular hunting ground. It's worth mentioning that you can die a total of 2 times inside any hunting grounds (works the same in a party as well), being teleported to the start of the area upon death. Your third death will automatically kick you out of the hunting ground, making it necessary to pay the fee again alongside the charge, if you desire to go in again. You can see the charges on your character info, under the General submenu, like the image shows. You automatically gain one charge every 10 hours and you can get some more through the use of special furniture as well.

Hunting Ground charges

Once inside, you have a time limit of 15 minutes to stay hunting the creatures inside. Once the time is up, you will be automatically kicked out.

Below we'll list all current hunting grounds available as well with information with fee and level requirement.

Spawn Level Requirement Fee
Elderwyrm.gifElder Wyrm 325 5xRarity token.png


Behe.gifBehemoth 500 14xRarity token.png


Baleful bunny.gifBaleful Bunny 600 25xRarity token.png


Dworm.gifDrillworm 800 35xRarity token.png


Sureza.gifYalahari 900 50xRarity token.png


Bluedjinn.gifBlue Djinn 1100 50xRarity token.png


Grimreaper.gifGrim Reaper 1350 50xRarity token.png


Guzzlemaw.gifGuzzlemaw and Frazzlemaw 1550 75xRarity token.png


Bloodyslime.gifBloody Slime (Saruman Castle) 1800 75xRarity token.png


Even though the hunting grounds have a fee, you will most certainly make that back through special orbs, which are enhanced exclusively inside the hunting grounds, as well as a lot of exp from monster kills, making it an essential strategy for exp farming.

You will also face a special boss inside each Hunting Ground, which is themed around the creatures present on the one you are at. You will need to kill 250 creatures inside to make it spawn. The boss can drop special loot, such as premium points and other varied loot.