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Monster Orbs are a special kind of loot that you obtain after killing a monster. It can yield you with several kinds of rewards, such as gold, upgrade stones, gear and temporary buffs. There are currently two types of orbs, which will be further elaborated down below.

Elite Monster Orb

Elite Monster Orb demonstration

The elite monster orb is a type of orb that can only be obtained through killing an elite monster. Each type of elite monster yields an orb that corresponds its rank, which means that the stronger the elite monster rank the better the rewards. The chance of getting an orb from an elite monster is 100% and its collection is automatic.

The rewards for this orb varies and you can get different types of loot from them, such as:

  • Upgrade crystals;
  • Gold;
  • Gear (only from epic and legendary).

Special Orb

Special Orb demonstration

This orb is different from the elite monster orb, since the special orb can appear from any kind of monster, not only restricted to elite monster as the previous orb is. Due to that, its appearance rate is much lower and the rewards are different as well. This orb type is affected by orb% modifiers that you can only roll on amulets and rings. Differently from the previous orb, this orb encourages manual play and you will need to step on its animation in order to collect it.

The rewards for this orb varies and you can get a different reward, compared to the elite monster orb, as it follows:

  • Temporary damage buff;
  • Experience;
  • Some items.

Auto Orb

Auto orb status on character info tab

The Auto Orb is an in-game functionality that works to automatically collect special orbs, with a limited time of usage. You can find it by looking at your character tab or through the use of commands. You can see the commands related to auto orb by using !autoorb. You can also turn the auto orb on or off by clicking the button located in the character info tab, like shown in the image on the right. If you have auto orb time available, you will then start to collect special orbs automatically.

Special orbs collected through the auto orb will have half the experience of a special orb collected manually, so only use it if you really need go away from your PC for a while.

You can accumulate auto orb time simply by collecting special orbs manually. Each orb will yield 4 minutes of auto orb, that will fill the auto orb time bar. This feature cannot be stacked infinitely and has a limit of 12h worth of auto orb, which equals to 180 special orbs collected. You can also buy an auto orb recharge through our Store.