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Fishing is a profession that can be mastered in BlackTalon, allowing you to gather several kinds of fish from the fishing islands throughout BlackTalon. As all other professions, fishing will use energy if you have it.

Getting Started

Jumping fish
Mainland's Fishing Island Waypoint

To get started on fishing, you will need to acquire your first fishing rod from the Abians NPC. Abians is located at the Mainland's Fishing Island, which can be access through the waypoint, as the image suggests.

Abians is located at southwest from the waypoint. You can purchase the first two fishing rods with him: the usual fishing rodFishingrod.png and the mechanical fishing rodMechfishingrod.png, for 1 000 gold and 1 000 000 gold respectively. Abians also has a special shop which you can trade Giant Shimmering PearlsGsp.png for the wares that he sells.

Once you have your fishing rod at hand, simply look around the island for water and whenever you see jumping fish, use the fishing rod at that specific square to actually fish.

Fishing Mechanics

As stated above, you will need to fish on the correct squares to get fish. Doing so will consume your energy and you will then obtain a fish that is correspondent to the continent that you are in. There is also a chance that you can fish actual monsters that you can kill for some experience or to complete fishing tasks.

Each continent has its own version of the fishing island and every time you progress to a new continent, you will require a new fishing rod, obtainable through Blacksmithing, when going past the mechanical fishing rod. Below, we'll organize a table to ease the understanding about how the requirements and what types of fish and monsters you can get through fishing.

Continent Required Fishing Rod Required Fishing Skill Attainable Fish Fishable Monsters
Mainland Fishingrod.png Fishing Rod

Mechfishingrod.png Mechanical Fishing Rod



Bluefish.pngBluefish Calamary.gifJellyfish.gifCrustaceagigantica.gifThul.gif
Nefrah Copperfishingrod.pngCopper Fishing Rod 10 Bass.pngBass Crab.gifTortoise.gifThornbacktortoise.gifSharptooth.gif
High Desert Ironfishingrod.pngIron Fishing Rod 25 Sandfish.pngSandfish Mantaray.gifShark.gifQuarapincher.gifJaul.gif
Dark Island Silverfishingrod.pngSilver Fishing Rod 40 Monsterfish.pngMonster Fish Bonyseadevil.gifTwoheadedturtle.gifTerrorsleep.gifThanatursus.gif

The fish you obtain can be smelted for the fishing currency mentioned above, the Giant Shimmering PearlsGsp.png. Some of the creatures that you can fish can be considered bosses and they will provide special loot through the Reward Chest, with a small chance to also get you a Soul Scroll. If you happen to fish a boss, an announcement will be made for the whole server as a message so people can partake in the boss killing. If you do not have enough manpower or wish to fight said boss on a later time, you can store them in aquariums, which will be better elaborated below.


Aquariums are special items that allows you to store bosses within them for you to fight them on a later time. There are aquariums for each continent, so you will not be able to use low tiered aquariums to capture high tiered bosses. You can only release fishing bosses within the fishing island area. Below we'll list the aquarium types for a better understanding.

Aquarium Continent Acquisition
Aquarium.gifCopper Aquarium Mainland Crafted through Woodworking or purchased on abians
Aquarium.gifIron Aquarium Nefrah Crafted through Woodworking or purchased on abians
Aquarium.gifSilver Aquarium High Desert Crafted through Woodworking or purchased on abians
Aquarium.gifGold Aquarium Dark Island Crafted through Woodworking or purchased on abians