Monster Class

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Monsters have a chance to spawn as a different version of themselves. Each version is stronger than the previous one and will also provide better rewards, depending on the monster class defeated. Each monster class has its own visual indicator, which will be shown under the monster's name. Upon defeating a special monster, an elite monster orb will appear, which will be automatically looted into your backpack.



As said previously, each monster class has different strength and loot. Below is the data regarding the modifiers for each monster rank.

Monster Class Damage increase Health increase Speed increase Exp Increase Task Count Loot
Strange Whiteskull.png 30% 30% 10% 5x 2 -
Rare Greenskull.png 100% 500% 25% 10x 5 -
Epic Redskull.png 170% 1100% 30% 50x 40 Epic equipment rarity
Legendary Blackskull.png 250% 2400% 50% 100x 100 Legendary equipment rarity

Loot drops

Upon defeating a special monster, such as one of those mentioned above, you will get some loot in the form of a monster orb. These orbs can also reward you with equipment pieces with the rarity corresponding to that monster class you defeated, starting from the epic rarity. Check out equipment rarity page for more information.