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Relics are a new equipment type, obtained through quests bosses and task bosses, being stored inside the relic container, which can be opened by using the Relics button Relicbutton.png in-game. Once clicked, a container will open Reliccontainer.png and you will just need to drag and drop the desired relics you want to use in there. You can only equip a maximum of five different relics, meaning that you cannot equip two of the same relic. All relics have a special bonus, which can be an increase in gold given on orbs, more experience upon killing creatures, etc.

Below is a list with some of the possible attributes:

  • 15% chance to reflect minor energy strike while being attacked;
  • 15% chance to cast earth strike while attacking;
  • Increase elite monster found by 10%;
  • Increase experience gained by 10%.