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Relics are a new equipment type, obtained through quests bosses and task bosses, being stored inside the relic container, which can be opened by using the Relics button Relicbutton.png in-game. Once clicked, a container will open Reliccontainer.png and you will just need to drag and drop the desired relics you want to use in there. You can only equip a maximum of three different relics, meaning that you cannot equip two of the same relic. You will unlock an extra relic slot upon finishing the story line and you can get another slot from the Skill Tree, with a total of 5 relic slots. All relics have a special bonus, which can be an increase in gold given on orbs, more experience upon killing creatures, etc.

Below is a list with some of the possible attributes:

  • 15% chance to reflect minor energy strike while being attacked;
  • 15% chance to cast earth strike while attacking;
  • Increase elite monster found by 10%;
  • Increase experience gained by 10%.

Relic Fusion

Relic Fusion Menu
Relic Fusion in the Others menu

If you find a particularly valuable relic, you can attempt a fusion which will, in result, improve the base stats of the desired relic if you succeed the procedure. You can access the relic fusion interface by going into the Others menu, at the top of your client, as shown in the image. Upon clicking it, the relic fusion interface will open.

To proceed with the fusion one must place three of the same relic and tier at the upper slots. In the bottom slots you will place up to three reagents that are used to increase your odds of successfully fusing relics, which will be better elaborated below. Reagents are not mandatory for this process, but bear in mind that the success chances are not so good without them. Once everything is in place, make sure you have enough to cover the gold cost, located at the bottom part of the fusion menu and then hit Fusion to start the process. An animation will play and you will then know if you have succeeded or not. If you fail, there is a chance that some of the materials used in the process will return, including relics.


Reagents, as briefly explained above, are used to increase your chances of success for your relic fusion process. There are several types of reagents with different ways to obtain them, which we will elaborate below.

Image Reagent Chance Increase Acquisition
Bloodytoken.png Bloody Token 5% Randomly from orbs
Bloodydust.png Bloody Dust 10% From quests and daily bosses
Bloodymusicbox.png Bloody Music Box 15% From woodworking
Bloodycrystalorb.gif Bloody Crystal Orb 20% Purchasable from the blue diamond shop