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Woodworking is one of the crafting professions that you can level up. This crafting profession mainly makes use of Woodcutting materials in order to create boost scrolls and also special furniture that gives some boons upon use.

Getting started

Crafting teleport
Crafting skill menu

In order to access the Woodworking bench, just head towards the Crafting teleport, at the mainland city temple, like shown in the image. After going in the teleport, simply head to the right and you will be at the Woodworking bench.

Woodworking bench

Interacting with the Woodworking bench will open up a window that will contain all of the possible recipes available to craft, as well as the necessary materials for each recipe. Every recipe requires a variant amount of BlackTalon Coins, the server's main currency.

Aside of having a material cost, recipes will also have a minimum crafting skill required to actually complete that recipe, which means that as you craft anything inside Woodworking, you will get experience towards the Woodworking skill. You can see your current crafting skills progressions through the character info panel, like shown in the image to the right.