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Mining is a profession that can be mastered in BlackTalon, allowing you to gather several kinds of ores and crystals from all different sorts of places. As all other professions, mining will use energy if you have it.

Getting started

Craft your pickaxe in this station, located at the crafting area teleport.
Tool Dealer Kevin

To get started, you will need a Giant Hammer, which is sold by Kevin, located at the NPC teleport in the main city's temple. Once obtained, use the Giant Hammer to break some stones that look like these: . Pedra1.png Pedra2 1843.pngOnce you get enough stones you can craft your first pickaxe, the stone pickaxe, that will allow you to start gathering your first ore: copper.

Mining mechanics

Crystal being highlighted
Mining Animation

In order to mine, you will need to right click the tool at hands and left click at the desired vein. Doing that, assuming that your pickaxe is strong enough to mine the vein, an animation will start that will indicate the task progression, which means that you will need the animation to complete in order to gather the ores. If you move during the animation, the gathering will stop and you will not receive any ores.

If you're finding yourself unknowledgeable of what can be mined, you can right click your mining tool and left click at yourself or anything that's not a vein to highlight mineable veins within your screen.

Tools and ore veins

Currently, there are six types of ore vein and six tiers of mining tools, which will be listed below.

Improving your mining tool will not only allow you to gather better materials but also improve the amount of materials gathered in a single node.

You can find ore veins and crystals spread out throughout BlackTalon hunt areas.

Note: the tools, ores and crystals are organized in crescent order from the top, which means that the next tier will be able to mine all ores from the previous tiers.

Tool Image Mineable Veins Mined Ores
Giant Hammer Gianthammer.png Pedra2 1843.pngPedra1.png Smallstones.gif Small Stones
Stone Pickaxe Stonepick.png Coppervein1.pngCoppervein2.png Copperore.gif Copper Ores
Copper Pickaxe Copperpick.png Ironvein1.pngIronvein2.png Ironore.gif Iron Ores
Iron Pickaxe Ironpick.png Silvervein1.pngSilvervein2.png Silverore.gifSilver Ores
Silver Pickaxe Silverpick.png Goldvein1.pngGoldvein2.png Goldore.gifGold Ores
Gold Pickaxe Goldpick.png All of the above All of the above

Note: You cannot mine the same vein more than once.