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In BlackTalon, aside from the main equip slots you can wear such as helmets, armors and legs, you can also equip certain items that will add special effects to attacks that you deal (including spells). That is the case for the ammo items, that you wear on the ammo slot Ammo slot.png. We will list below all of the current existing ammo slot items and showcase their effect.

Ammo slot items

Name Level Acquisition Description Showcase
Devourer corel.gifDevourer Corel 350 Quest 15% chance to cast/trigger carniphila venom Devourer corel showcase.gif
Dungeonevertorch.gifDungeon Evertorch 500 Dungeon Shop - Willett 15% chance to cast/trigger blazing inferno Dungeon evertorch showcase.gif
Littletongue.pngLittle Tongue 600 Daily Boss Duke Krule 15% chance to trigger bouncing attacks. Littletongueshowcase.gif
Imortus.gifImortus 900 Quest 20% chance to cast sand storm Imortusshowcase.gif
Pirate voodoo doll.pngPirate Voodoo Doll 1200 Quest 15% chance to regenerate HP and MP -