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The roulette is a place where you can gamble your premium points in exchange for special loot, while also having a change of getting exclusive prizes such as special cosmetics and relic boxes.

Access and functionality

Roulette entrance
Roulette spin

To access the roulette, you must find its teleporter located at the center of the mainland's temple, as shown in the image to the right. Once inside, go towards any of the three levers if you wish to spin it.

To spin the roulette, you must possess at least 35 premium points, which is the cost of one singular pull. 5 pulls cost 160 premium points and 10 pull cost 290 premium points, purchasable at the Store.

Once you have purchased a roulette coin, just use one of the levers to start the roulette. The prize you get will be highlighted as the gif shows in the left.

Prize Pool

Below we'll list all of the prizes that you can get from the roulette.

Image Item Name Description
Rarity token.png Rarity Token Used to upgrade an equipment's rarity
Btc.gif Blacktalon Coin Used in various places
Soulfragment.gif Soul Fragment Used to purchase soul scrolls.
Universaltrait.png Universal Trait Token Used to apply traits to any equipment
Roulettecoin.gif Roulette Coin Used to spin the roulette.
Traitremover.png Trait Remover Used to remove traits from an equipment
Firstsoulunlock.png First Soul Unlocker Used to unlock the first soul scroll slot
Secondsoulunlock.png Second Soul Unlocker Used to unlock the second soul scroll slot
Relicchest.gif Relic Chest Gives you a random relic from any pool
Worldboostscroll.png World Boost Boosts the entire server for a boost of your choosing
Bluediamond.png Blue Diamond Used to purchase special products
Cosmeticdoll.png Cosmetic Doll Obtained through special donations. Has a limited pool of cosmetics
Bloodycrystalorb.gif Bloody Crystal Orb Increases the chance of succeeding a relic fusion.
Holyforbiddensandsitem.png Holy Forbidden Sands Wings Exclusive wings
Medalofdarknessitem.png Medal of Darkness Wings Exclusive wings
Frosttraceroutfitroulette.gif Frost Tracer Outfit Exclusive outfit