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Galahad NPC

In BlackTalon, PvP is optional and you can change that status as long as you are fit to some restrictions. You will firstly need to go to a certain NPC to get your PvP status changed named Galahad, located at the second floor of mainland city's temple.

All you have to do is talk to him and he will change your PvP status. However, there are a few restrictions that may stop you from doing so which we we will list below:

  • You cannot have frags when attempting to change your PvP status. You can check your frags by using the command !frags;
  • You cannot change your PvP status if you have changed it recently. Once you change your PvP status, you have a cooldown of 80 hours so you can change it again.

After successfully changing your PvP status you will not be able to be attacked by other players, but you will gain experience at a slower rate of -10% compared to those with enabled PvP. You will also be unable to enter the PvP only spawns, with non-forced respawns and better special orbs.

You can see if a player has its PvP status enabled or disabled simply by looking at them. The status will appear in the last line, like this: [PVP Enabled] or [PVP Disabled].