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Herbalist is a profession that can be mastered in BlackTalon, allowing you to gather several kinds of forageables from all different sorts of places. As all other professions, herbalist will use energy if you have it.

Getting started

Tool Dealer Kevin

To get started, you will need a Giant Hammer, which is sold by Kevin, located at east of the main city's temple. Once obtained, use the Giant Hammer to break some stones that look like these: Pedra1.png Pedra2 1843.png. Once you get enough stones you can craft your first scissors, the stone scissor, that will allow you to start gathering your first plants, which look like these: T1 dew kisser flower.pngT1 meadow star.png.

Craft your first scissors in this station, located at the crafting area teleport.

Herbalist mechanics

Gathering Animation
Plants being highlighted

In order to gather, you will need to right click the tool at hands and left click at the desired plant. Doing that, assuming that your scissors are strong enough to gather the plant, an animation will start that will indicate the task progression, which means that you will need the animation to complete in order to gather the plants. If you move during the animation, the gathering will stop and you will not receive any plants.

If you're finding yourself unknowledgeable of what can be gathered, you can right click your scissors and left click at yourself or anything that's not a plant to highlight forageable plants within your screen.

Tools and plants

Currently, there are four tiers of scissors.

Improving your scissors will not only allow you to gather better materials but also improve the amount of materials gathered in a single node.

You can find plants spread out throughout BlackTalon hunt areas and cities.

Note: the tools and plants are organized in crescent order from the top, which means that the next tier will be able to gather all plants from the previous tiers.

Tool Image Forageable plants Plants foraged
Stone Scissors Stone scissor.png T1 meadow star.pngT1 dew kisser flower.png T1reward meadow star.pngMeadow Star

T1reward dew kisser flower.pngDew Kisser

Copper Scissors Copper scissor.png T2 fern.pngT2 slime table mushrooms.png T2reward fern.pngFern

T2reward brown mushroom.pngBrown Mushroom

Iron Scissors Iron scissor.png T3 plant 3641.png T3 cactus 7245.pngPiece of Cactus
Silver Scissors Silverscissors.png Desertmarigold.png Pieceofdesertmarigold.pngPiece of Desert Marigold

Note: You cannot gather the same plant more than once.

Special Nodes

Sometimes a special plant will spawn instead of the normal one, with a 5% chance. Gathering these special plants will yield you five times the normal amount.

Special Indicator