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The promotion is an improvement that any class can get once they are qualified to do so. Currently we have two ways of getting promoted, which we will elaborate below.

Method 1: Quest

Promotion Quest

The most common way to get promoted in BlackTalon is via its quest completion. It is only advisable to do this method if you have enough time to gather a team and progress through the quest. The quest is challenging and a team is required to complete it. You will need at least level 700 to attempt this quest and it can be found south of the quest area, like shown in the image.

Successfully finishing the quest will promote you accordingly to your character's class.

Method 2: Purchasing

NPC Onkyo

This method is recommended for those who have little time available to perform manual activities and thus cannot arrange time to gather a team for the first method. You will need to find the NPC Onkyo, located at the very top floor of the mainland city's temple, inside the Creatures/Quests teleport, like shown in the image.

Talk to it and to get promoted you will need to fulfill the necessary requirements, which it will list. The requirements are:

  • Complete Razor Journey Quest;
  • To be of level 750 or higher;
  • 15.000.000 gp;
  • Defeat Duke Krule and Dragon Knight Aragorn;
  • 500x blacktalon coins;
  • 30x dungeon tokens.

After meeting the requirements, Onkyo will successfully promote you.

Promotion benefits

Promoting does not only change your class name, but also improves your character with some nice boons, which are explained in greater detail on their respective class page.