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Thief is one of the classes existing in BlackTalon. It specializes in damage over time and high attack speed, while having low survivability among all classes. When promoted, it changes its name to Rogue and gain new spells.

Class attributes

  • Gains 48 HP and 5 MP per level;
  • Its armor multiplier is 1;
  • Base attack speed is 1 attack every 1.4 seconds.

Upon promoting to Rogue at level 700, by doing the promotion quest it gains:

  • Armor multiplier from 1 to 1.08;
  • Gains 55 HP per level instead of the previous 40 HP (amount is applied for all previous levels upon promoted);
  • Access to new spells, being the first at level 800, the second at level 1600 (requires a quest completion) and the third one at level 2500 (requires a quest completion), all of them showcased below.

Generic spells

Name Level Cooldown Mana Cost Description
Light 8 2s / 1s 20 Creates a small area of light around the caster
Magic Rope 8 2s / 1s 20 Teleports the caster up through a hole while standing on a rope spot
Great Light 8 2s / 1s 30 Creates a medium area of light around the caster
Levitate 20 2s / 1s 50 Allows the caster to go up or down floors in certain areas
Haste 30 2s / 1s 50 Increase the movement speed of the caster and cures paralysis
Find Person 50 5s / 1s 200 Tells the caster which direction a certain player is
Cure All 50 30s / 1s 50 Removes all negative effects
Wound Cleansing 8 1s / 1s 15 Heals the caster for a small amount of health
Intense Wound Cleansing 150 1s / 1s 80 Heals the caster for a medium amount of health
Imbue Poison 400 20s / 1s 200 Imbues your weapons with a poison. During this effect it will have a chance to infect your targets. To select which poison you want to use, type !poison
Limb Restoration 1200 1s / 1s 200 Heals the caster for a large amount of health

Class specific spells

Name Level Cooldown Mana Cost Description Showcase
Stab 8 1s / 2s 20 Stab the target. Chance to cause bleed Stab.gif
Slash 25 2s / 2s 50 Quick Slash around the caster Slash.gif
Poison Bomb 65 4s / 2s 120 Throw a poisoned bomb which poisons the target Poisonbomb.gif
Infected Blade 120 6s / 2s 150 Two quick death cuts which infects the target with necrotic poison (poison max stack: 3) Infectedblade.gif
Stealth 300 20s / 1s 500 Enter Stealth to move undetected for a short time.This spell is only acquired through a certain quest Stealth.gif
Spread Infection 300 8s / 2s 200 Small area damage which spread the target afflictions to near foes Spreadinfection.gif
Reaper Affliction 800 18s / 2s 500 Curses the target with an affliction that causes death and earth damage, increasing by the second Reaperaffliction.gif
Consumation 1600 24s / 2s 1500 Consumes the afflictions, dealing the equivalent damage of 70% remaining damage. This spell is only acquired through a certain quest Consumation.gif
Hateful Knives 2500 24s / 2s 1500 Throws several knives around the caster, dealing damage to anything inside a medium area. Applies bleeding to the targets hit by the spell. This spell is only acquired through a certain quest. Hatefulknives.gif

Imbue Poison mechanics

Below we'll list the effects of each poison type from the spell Imbue Poison, as well as showcasing them in action. To change the poison used, one must type !poison with the desired type after the command.

Poison type Description Showcase
Normal Normal Earth Poison (max stack: 3) Imbuepoisonnormal.gif
Cursed Death Damage Poison. Low damage but long duration (max stack: 6) Imbuepoisoncursed.gif
Paralyzing Energy DoT and paralyze the target (max stack: 2) Imbuepoisonparalyzing.gif
anti-coagulant Anti-Coagulant Poison. Causes bleed and reduce healing by 5% (max stack: 2) Imbuepoisonanticoag.gif