Beginner's Guide

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Starting in BlackTalon can be very overwhelming for most people. For that reason, we will elaborate a simple guide to aid beginner's in their journeys through BlackTalon.

Getting Started

Creatures/Quests Teleport

You just created your first character and are ready to play, but you have no idea what to do. The first step is to learn the in-built bot basics. You can find a guide to set it up in this page: Bot Setup.

After getting your bot all set up, then it's time to grind. For the lower levels, it's recommended to start your playthrough by using the Task System, located inside the Creatures/Quest teleport.

You can find more information about it by visiting the dedicated task page, linked above. You may notice that monsters have levels next to their names, that is just an indicator for difficulty and you will not be stopped from entering if you are not on the same level as the monster, so feel free to take tasks above your level, if you want to.

Mage skill tree

Upon reaching level 100, you will be able to enter the Dungeons. You will need to achieve a minimum amount of might in order to enter the first available dungeon, which is the dwarves dungeon. Inside the dungeon, your objective is to kill the needed amount of monsters that will be displayed in your screen, so you can access the boss and kill it. The monsters inside the dungeons are quite strong and provide with a good amount of experience, being a very good source of levels.

Once you start getting levels, you will passively gain skill tree points. Each class has their own version of the skill tree and you will find access to it on the top part of your client, in the Others menu and there will be the skill tree. In here, you can choose whatever path you want to follow for your character. You gain a skill tree point for every 50 levels with an increase of 15 levels per point and a few quests completed for the first time.

You may have also noticed that monsters can have a stronger version of themselves, these are called Elite Monsters. These monsters will yield you with a reward upon slaying them, and the higher the monster's class, the better are the rewards. You can even get equipment pieces from epic and above monsters.

Equipment Choice

Speaking of equipment, you will be mostly obtaining your gear through quests. We have quests for different level ranges of equipment and upon clicking the reward chest, 3 random pieces will be generated and you can choose which one you find better.

Hunting grounds statue

Still on the equipment subject, you may notice as well that the gear you obtain have a colored border around them, like shown in the image to the right. These are called rarities and they have an impact on how good and how many bonuses an equipment can have, aside from also raising the equipment's might, that is important for your damage output and healing.

You may also stumble upon some spell crystals, which are used to improve some of your spells. You can only use 100 of a crystal per tier level, split into 2 categories that you can choose freely, as long as the limit of 100 isn't surpassed. Next tiers requires better stones. You can see more information about this in the Spell Boost page.

Upon reaching level 325, you will be able to enter the Hunting Grounds. These are a special places that gives you a different pace from the normal gameplay. There is no force spawn inside them and they are very good for exp farming, as well for currency farming. You need to pay a fee and there is a time limit for how much you can stay inside them.

Moving forward

As you might have enough knowledge by this point, the ways of progress will open up. You can start progressing through crafting and professions, as an example. Or finish the story line and grind the Daily Bosses. The path is yours. This wiki is always in development and the basic information will be found here. Enjoy your stay in BlackTalon.