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  29 Oct 2021 - Halloween Event

Halloween has arrived on BlackTalon and some new functionalities came with it! For starters, there will be a chance that a rare or above elite creature, instead of having a normal appearance, will have a pumpkin monster appearance! Upon slaying this pumpkin monster you will be rewarded with Halloween Points and also help on the global count to spawn Stingy Jack, a world wide Halloween boss.
The player can obtain, on a daily basis, a maximum of 500 halloween points, with the possibility of doubling this maximum cap to 1000 upon using the Scary Scroll, that can be obtained through a special donation. This scroll lasts for a total of 7 days and, aside raising the maximum cap of points you can obtain, it will also double the amount of points you get upon slaying the rare and above pumpkin elite monster!
We also added a new special orb (Halloween Orb), that can grant you with Candies and Bars of Chocolate. Upon using those, you will be rewarded with Halloween Points, which are NOT part of your daily cap! There's also a new command: !halloween, that is used to check your points and the current progress until Stingy Jack's arrival.
Halloween Points are the main currency of this event that you can exchange for special Halloween cosmetics, so grind out!

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  21 Apr 2021 - Wings & Auras

Wings and auras (cosmetics) are now in game. They are obtainable through loyalty shop and donations. In the future it will have more ways to obtain them.
Some example of wings:

Demon Wings:
Angel Wings:
Rainbow Wings:
Ocean Wings:

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  10 Apr 2021 - New Client

Update changelog 10/04/2021:

  1. Host changed to a dedicated.

  2. Relics:
    - Added relics at Nefrah continent.
  3. Tasks:
    - Elite monsters (skulled) now will count more kill for tasks.
  4.  Client:
    - New npc shop module (this will make possible more custom shops)
    - New task module, more interactive!
    - Fixed problem for people with windows 7/8
    - Now everything you target will have a health bar.

  5. Bug fixes:
    - Equipment with luck wasn't giving critical damage/chance
    - Strike relics doing more damage than expected


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  20 Mar 2021 - New Client

New client is available. You can check it at the download page.

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  11 Mar 2021 - Open Beta

Welcome to BlackTalon!

We've been working behind the scenes to get things ready for our official Open-Beta and we're finally at that moment! We welcome you to join us and we invite you to take part in our Beta for BlackTalon Online.

We appreciate all feedback and suggestions which you can actively share within our discord here: BlackTalon Official Discord Server

Our Open Beta will launch Friday 12th March at 1800hrs (6pm) GMT

So what are you waiting for? Sign up and create your character and get ready to begin your adventure!

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