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Soul Scroll System

  30 May 2021 - New module | Dodge+Block


- Reduced number of creatures per spawn, what this mean? The creatures will be spawned faster after killing then, because of that, the respawn time of each creature was altered from 7 to 13 seconds.

Continent boss:

- Major Crystaline Token >> Green Crystal Fragment;
- Now it requires 1000 instead of 5000;
- Now only quest/task bosses will drop the required item to summon;
- Fixed a bug where the warning spell of turtleneck wasn't doing damage.

Dodge and Block:

- Now agility will give you dodge chance, it does not scale linear, instead it has it own stages. You can check your dodge chance with !info.

- Blocking an attack now will reduce it damages by X% (depending of your shield defense), the chance to block the attack will depend of your shielding skills.


- Every vocations now skill shielding the same speed.

New modules:

- Rank: You can check in-game the highscores of the server;

- Moved some icons (guild, stash, tutorial, task tracker and store) to a new "Window", just check the box "Others" in top of the client.

Boosts Icons:

- Whenever you have some boosts (like exp and elite) it will show in the top-left corner of your client with the time.


- Now it shows the required level and vocations properly;
- Fixed the wrong values of shields defense.


- Fixed some bug in spells, such as: going through walls, casting in PZ and others.

posted by GM Shaolin

  19 May 2021 - Promotion + New Hunting Area!

  • Promotion:
    - You get them at level 800+
    - One new spell for each promotion for level 800+

    New area for level 1k (high desert) entrance at nefrah continent.
    (Only 3 hunts available at the moment, more will come in this week)

    New quest for level 1k at nefrah continent.

    New Guild System:
    - Guilds can be created and managed in-game with a new custom module.
    - They can level up (currently by members completing daily quests and daily/continent bosses). Each level gives the guild members diverse bonuses.

    Few changes on client UI

posted by GM Shaolin

  21 Apr 2021 - Wings & Auras

Wings and auras (cosmetics) are now in game. They are obtainable through loyalty shop and donations. In the future it will have more ways to obtain them.
Some example of wings:

Demon Wings:
Angel Wings:
Rainbow Wings:
Ocean Wings:

posted by GM Jacqen

  10 Apr 2021 - New Client

Update changelog 10/04/2021:

  1. Host changed to a dedicated.

  2. Relics:
    - Added relics at Nefrah continent.
  3. Tasks:
    - Elite monsters (skulled) now will count more kill for tasks.
  4.  Client:
    - New npc shop module (this will make possible more custom shops)
    - New task module, more interactive!
    - Fixed problem for people with windows 7/8
    - Now everything you target will have a health bar.

  5. Bug fixes:
    - Equipment with luck wasn't giving critical damage/chance
    - Strike relics doing more damage than expected


posted by GM Jacqen

  21 Mar 2021 - Donation

We now are accepting new types of donation;

Tibia Coins
Crypto (BTC or LTC)

If you are interested to donate with these currency please do not hesitate to contact us.

posted by GM Shaolin

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