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Halloween is Here!
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Soul Scroll System
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  29 Oct 2021 - Halloween Event

Halloween has arrived on BlackTalon and some new functionalities came with it! For starters, there will be a chance that a rare or above elite creature, instead of having a normal appearance, will have a pumpkin monster appearance! Upon slaying this pumpkin monster you will be rewarded with Halloween Points and also help on the global count to spawn Stingy Jack, a world wide Halloween boss.
The player can obtain, on a daily basis, a maximum of 500 halloween points, with the possibility of doubling this maximum cap to 1000 upon using the Scary Scroll, that can be obtained through a special donation. This scroll lasts for a total of 7 days and, aside raising the maximum cap of points you can obtain, it will also double the amount of points you get upon slaying the rare and above pumpkin elite monster!
We also added a new special orb (Halloween Orb), that can grant you with Candies and Bars of Chocolate. Upon using those, you will be rewarded with Halloween Points, which are NOT part of your daily cap! There's also a new command: !halloween, that is used to check your points and the current progress until Stingy Jack's arrival.
Halloween Points are the main currency of this event that you can exchange for special Halloween cosmetics, so grind out!

posted by GM Void

  18 Jul 2021 - Server Launch Giveaway!

Server Launch Giveaway!

To participate in the Giveaway you need:

1. Like the server page on facebook

BlackTalon OTserv (https://www.facebook.com/blacktalon.otserv/) 

2. Like the Giveaway post 

Giveaway Facebook Post

3. Comment something on facebook post (only 1x)

The draw will take place on 7/23/2021, stay tuned that we will announce the winners on the facebook page and also on our discord!

Server Launch in 
July 23rd 7 PM GMT+2 / 10 AM PT

posted by GM Shaolin

  17 Jul 2021 - Top Professions!

I want to thank everyone for always helping us reporting bugs/feedbacks/suggestions, it was something extremely important to us during these 3/4 months of open beta. As promised, all confirmed players will gain the special beta chest at launch and also, players who have committed to leveling up their professions will earn extra points!

follow the list below with the top 5 blacksmithing/jewelcrafting

posted by GM Shaolin

  05 Jul 2021 - Official Launch!

Hello everyone, we are glad to announce that we already have a date for the official launch of the server: 23/07/2021.
Because of that we will be closing the beta at 10/07/2021.

We will reward the most actives players with a Special Beta Chest at the day of the launch, it will include:
(Need to be level 350+ and PM your character name on discord to GOD Jacqen
or GM Shaolin ‚Äčin the last 2 days of beta)

- 5x 15% Exp Vouchers
- 5x 40% Exp vouchers
- 7 days premium scroll
- Blacksteel Wings
- Helper relic

And for the top 5 from each profession:

1st: 100 store points
2nd: 85 store points
3rd: 65 store points
4th: 50 store points
5th: 30 store points

Reminder: You will not receive double rewards by being in top 5 of both professions.

Reminder: Every donation done will be given back at the launch!

posted by GM Shaolin

  30 May 2021 - New module | Dodge+Block


- Reduced number of creatures per spawn, what this mean? The creatures will be spawned faster after killing then, because of that, the respawn time of each creature was altered from 7 to 13 seconds.

Continent boss:

- Major Crystaline Token >> Green Crystal Fragment;
- Now it requires 1000 instead of 5000;
- Now only quest/task bosses will drop the required item to summon;
- Fixed a bug where the warning spell of turtleneck wasn't doing damage.

Dodge and Block:

- Now agility will give you dodge chance, it does not scale linear, instead it has it own stages. You can check your dodge chance with !info.

- Blocking an attack now will reduce it damages by X% (depending of your shield defense), the chance to block the attack will depend of your shielding skills.


- Every vocations now skill shielding the same speed.

New modules:

- Rank: You can check in-game the highscores of the server;

- Moved some icons (guild, stash, tutorial, task tracker and store) to a new "Window", just check the box "Others" in top of the client.

Boosts Icons:

- Whenever you have some boosts (like exp and elite) it will show in the top-left corner of your client with the time.


- Now it shows the required level and vocations properly;
- Fixed the wrong values of shields defense.


- Fixed some bug in spells, such as: going through walls, casting in PZ and others.

posted by GM Shaolin

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