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By utilizing upgrade stones, you can further improve your equipment by enhancing its core stats, such as attack, armor and defense. There is a type of upgrade stone for each equipment category, with them being weapons, body armor and off-hand. Upon succeeding an upgrade, your equipment will have a number modifier next to its name, like this: Upgrade desc.png. The higher that number modifier goes, the harder it is to succeed an upgrade, meaning that at higher upgrade levels it is more likely that you will need to spend more upgrade stones in order to successfully raise the upgrade level. Every 10 upgrade levels will require a new crystal tier.

Below, a chart was designed to better explain this system:

Image Upgrade Stone Type Bonus Stats Upon Upgrade Stats Translation
Weaponupg.png Weapon Upgrade Crystal Attack Auto Attack Damage
Shieldupg.png Equipment Upgrade Crystal Armor Damage Reduction
Equipupg.png Off-hand Upgrade Crystal Defense Block Chance
T1accupgrader.png Accessory Upgrade Crystal Armor Damage Reduction
T1ammoslotupgrader 38255.png Ammo Upgrader Ammo Item Effect Higher Ammo Item Damage/Healing

Transferring upgrades

Whenever you obtain a better piece of equipment or weapon, you will be able to transfer your upgrades on your current weapon to the better one with some specific items, bought from Evopolis Trader located east from depot, so do not be afraid to upgrade your gear as soon as you get the stones!

Evolpolis Trader NPC

This NPC will sell you the items that you need in order to transfer upgrades. Below a list was organized to better explain these items:

Image Absorber Type Description Price
Weapon absorber.gif Weapon Transfer upgrades between weapons 500 000 gold
Shield absorber.gif Off-hand Transfer upgrades between off-hands 500 000 gold
Equipment absorber.gif Equipment Transfer upgrades between equipments 500 000 gold
Acc absorber.gif Accessory Transfer upgrades between accessories 500 000 gold
Ammoslotabsorber.gif Ammo Slot Transfer upgrades between ammo slots 500 000 gold

In order to use these absorbers, you just need to right click on them and left click on the correct gear piece with the upgrades and then repeat the process at the desired gear piece you want to transfer your upgrades to.