Equipment Proficiency

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Equipment proficiency is the new way to progress after you reach the level cap of 2500. It's centered around your equipment slots and, aside giving bonuses per level progressed, it will allow you to wear new equipment as well. Equipment proficiency will also be required to access further places after you reach the level cap.

Equipment Proficiency Mechanics

Equipment proficiency in character info tab

Upon reaching 2500, the equipment proficiency can be found in your character info tab, like the image is showing.

You can see more details when you click on the Open button, which will bring a new window.

Equipment proficiency window

This window shows the progress towards a new level in the specified equipment slot that you have selected. You can change the slot that you want to view and/or upgrade by clicking in the desired slot, in the left of the window.

All slots, when upgraded, will provide you with bonuses, some of which will be the same type throughout the equipment slots. For example, all slots will provide you with bonus might, PvE damage and PvE armor rating with an additional bonus specific to each slot, which we'll list below.

To upgrade a slot, you will need to accumulate enough experience, just like you would with normal leveling. You will need to specify which slot you want to level by clicking it and pressing the Select button below, which will change the slot's outline to yellow, indicating it's set to receive experience.

You will then be presented with a cap, which occurs every 10 levels. You can go further and break the cap by sacrificing the item it requires, which can be seen on the right. Once you've broken the cap, you will then start leveling the proficiency again as normal, until you reach the next cap. Breaking through the cap will also net you a few bonuses. For every cap, the amount and/or the type of materials required to break it will change.

It's important to note that some equipment and/or places will check for your average proficiency instead of your total, so try to keep your proficiency levels somewhat balanced so you don't run into requirement issues.

Proficiency slot bonuses

As stated above, all slots give bonuses upon leveling up and breaking through the level cap. All slots give bonus might, PvE damage and PvE armor rating, but each slot has a specific bonus tied to its type, which we will list below.

Type Bonus
Profhelm.pngHelmet Spell damage
Profammy.pngAmulet Damage
Profbp.pngBackpack Skill
Profarmor.pngArmor HP/MP
Profweap.pngWeapon Skill
Profshield.pngShield Armor rating
Proflegs.pngLegs HP/MP
Profring.pngRing Damage
Profammo.pngAmmo Skill
Profboots.pngBoots Spell damage