Guild: Purple Drank

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderMc Tank ( big dick)1810Barbarian Online
a Vice-LeaderBazzese1987Archdruid Online
Blinxie ( Bazzese Bitch)1505Barbarian Online
Bullett1385Archer Offline
Chewie (Road King)976Wizard Online
Dino1552Archer Online
Dogma Of Hell ( Jake)1950Archdruid Online
Frosty ( skittles)1315Archdruid Online
a MemberAcrophobia1243Barbarian Offline
Ame1400Wizard Online
Ancient Blesser1305Archdruid Online
Argument1328Barbarian Online
Asher1738Archer Online
Badass Druid1304Archdruid Offline
Blind Knight1739Barbarian Online
Brunoz609Bowman Offline
Bumbu1375Archer Offline
Cheo733Druid Offline
Cockster1778Barbarian Online
Crit Shot1386Archer Offline
Dali1063Archdruid Online
Deza Reign1120Archer Online
Doodlez1427Wizard Online
Enma928Archdruid Online
Evei1394Archdruid Offline
Fraz (Beef Cake)1419Barbarian Online
Frosty Flakes1407Wizard Online
Gamer962Barbarian Offline
Garnuch1330Wizard Offline
Gasilec1101Archer Offline
Gathering Fear849Barbarian Online
Habu1526Wizard Online
Healer1471Archdruid Online
Hishi1367Barbarian Offline
Jatt1352Archer Offline
Justanoone1136Archer Online
Kill Shot1343Archer Online
King Ethereon1134Archer Online
Kraken1283Archer Online
Kush1216Archer Online
Lahn Zero1414Archer Online
Mac678Bowman Offline
Magisk (Master Noob)1606Archdruid Online
Memphis1506Barbarian Offline
Moe Lester1243Archer Offline
Nieznany968Archdruid Offline
Okryns915Archer Online
Precision1635Archer Online
Renoz1109Archer Offline
Santa Flow923Barbarian Offline
Shazam658Druid Online
Shiva1246Archer Offline
Side960Warrior Online
Somnus1575Barbarian Online
Tattas885Wizard Offline
Tetinha1653Archdruid Online
Vi Tro1372Barbarian Online
Vitro Core994Archer Offline
Xasam1426Archer Online
Zwr1443Wizard Online

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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Characters: 2176
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