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Guild: No Mercy

Welcome to The Guild

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderKina1924Barbarian Offline
a Vice-LeaderBiscoitan1530Archer Offline
Cabra De Papel1999Archer Offline
Coutinho ( )2111Barbarian Offline
Eu Sou Groot1403Archer Offline
Goblog Negao2015Barbarian Offline
Kharsek1933Archer Offline
Kiina1879Barbarian Offline
Kurewscy Politycy2125Wizard Offline
Take It Easy1382Archdruid Offline
a MemberActivated1515Barbarian Offline
Amazing1269Archdruid Offline
Andyirado Joga Dez1380Archdruid Offline
Astralon1715Archer Offline
Capeta Online1222Wizard Offline
Cebola1350Archer Offline
Dona Valdivia1131Archer Offline
El Vergon Peludo1347Barbarian Offline
Hawkon Ep1149Barbarian Offline
Hermek1510Barbarian Offline
Hiidan1286Archer Offline
Hsol1404Archer Offline
Hyde1328Archer Offline
Ilyanet1237Archer Offline
Iskavusca1145Archer Offline
Its Dih1075Wizard Offline
Keno1106Barbarian Offline
King Bielzor1659Archer Online
Messi Cura1374Archdruid Offline
Mudzin1149Barbarian Offline
Necrozy1256Wizard Offline
Rudah1259Archdruid Offline
Seromontz1563Archdruid Offline
Skyborn ( )1766Archer Offline
Tomex Shooter1094Archer Offline
Trauma1914Wizard Offline
Trembolona1954Wizard Offline
Ullr1196Archer Offline
Vinte Matar800Druid Offline
Vlad1775Wizard Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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Characters: 3871
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