Guild: Immortal Disorder

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderDaddy ( Big Papa)1711Barbarian Offline
Ellie ( Mommy)1921Archer Offline
Fruwak ( )2500Wizard Online
Nealith2500Archer Offline
a Vice-LeaderCondor2432Barbarian Online
Gnutte ( )2500Archer Online
Klusterfuq ( )2203Archer Online
Tiny Slut (Tiny)2500Archdruid Online
a MemberAkyza1895Archer Offline
Banan2034Wizard Offline
Bror2199Archdruid Offline
Cereal For Dinner1576Barbarian Offline
Chewie (Road King)1963Wizard Offline
Clyde ( #cagekluster)2184Archer Online
Cristian Dior1814Archdruid Online
Crixus2138Barbarian Offline
Dinmor2028Archdruid Offline
Espuma1939Wizard Online
Freddie1758Wizard Online
Gandalf1523Wizard Offline
Hands For Days1544Barbarian Offline
Heimdallr726Archer Offline
Ice1941Wizard Online
Isla2151Archdruid Offline
Jokrik1856Archdruid Offline
Keiko2360Barbarian Offline
Kocz Moci2019Archer Online
Kwasownik1247Archer Offline
Leom1815Archdruid Offline
Lidrox2380Archdruid Online
Lucas1726Wizard Online
Mr Inbetween2387Archer Online
Nagbstre ( )2418Archer Online
Obsidian1874Archdruid Online
Pan Deluxe2323Barbarian Online
Pizza1800Archdruid Offline
Reina Pepiada1647Barbarian Offline
Sanrio ( )2182Wizard Online
Selifaotia (Friendly Fire )2204Barbarian Online
Shocker1616Wizard Offline
Silence And Work1563Barbarian Online
Snozu2302Barbarian Online
Stricin1833Archer Online
Sun Nex2244Archer Offline
Tewele Elkulo2127Archer Offline
Tjugo Slak ( ihatebror)2265Archer Offline
Tomeisoco1606Archer Offline
Turbotax1145Barbarian Offline
Vorne1448Archer Offline
Your Emperor1609Wizard Offline
Zhycka1856Barbarian Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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Characters: 2745
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