Guild: Immortal Disorder

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderCole (Corsair)1214Wizard Offline
Jack Meoff1477Wizard Offline
Shocker1780Barbarian Offline
a Vice-LeaderAids (No Cure )1570Archer Offline
Eat That (Tank Hard )2466Barbarian Online
Vchunkyhe1628Wizard Offline
MemberAbbas1732Archer Offline
Arronw2228Wizard Offline
Artrosis1616Wizard Offline
Cooster1607Barbarian Offline
Fille1616Archdruid Offline
Fruwak1513Barbarian Offline
Giovani1577Barbarian Offline
Gnutte2070Archer Offline
Goku Black1834Archdruid Offline
Issues1543Wizard Online
Johny Five1731Archer Online
Jokrik2071Wizard Offline
Kwasownik1454Archer Offline
Leeander1400Wizard Offline
Lidrox1954Barbarian Online
Nizo1681Archer Offline
Ownagex1480Barbarian Offline
Pieroo (Pierooball)2305Archer Offline
Psycho1955Wizard Online
Quintessential2368Archer Offline
Sciernisko2053Archer Offline
Shark1286Archer Offline
Sharov1499Barbarian Offline
Sherry2553Wizard Online
Silyx1142Archdruid Offline
Smallbutt1622Archer Offline
Stricin2077Archer Online
Tanjiroo1868Archdruid Online
Ucipher1772Archer Offline
Warlord Xero ( )1678Archdruid Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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Players: 46
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