Guild: Heavens Avengers

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderArkera Deskisia2023Archer Offline
Mal Aliento2112Barbarian Offline
a Vice-LeaderMac (Helpful Guy )1605Archer Online
Rp Drogado (Maconheiro)1834Archer Offline
Timelorego (Disable?)2116Archer Offline
a MemberAihara2225Wizard Offline
Astralon1569Archer Offline
Azulejo (Wall barbarian)1821Barbarian Offline
Belo1279Wizard Offline
Berin ( Do CD)1609Archer Offline
Bigola1810Wizard Offline
Birinightss1444Archer Offline
Bowthug ( What?)1580Archer Offline
Capeta Online1416Wizard Offline
Deboradordemundo1662Wizard Offline
Fmed2168Archdruid Offline
Hellclown1312Archer Offline
Lucas1710Wizard Offline
Mc Pal2188Archer Offline
Mr Sandman1637Archdruid Offline
Nimue2158Wizard Offline
Othi ( )2007Wizard Offline
Pkon1666Archer Offline
Psychoosz1483Wizard Offline
Psyranger1550Archer Offline
Samu2062Archdruid Offline
Siick Boy2074Barbarian Offline
Syr Deerck1412Archdruid Offline
Take It Easy1888Archdruid Offline
Turbid Mind2213Archer Offline
Vitamina De Quiabo (Malino)1947Wizard Offline
Zeus Hookah1617Archer Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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