Guild: Heavens Avengers

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderArkera Deskisia1520Archer Online
Mal Aliento1556Barbarian Online
a Vice-LeaderMac (Helpful Guy )1181Archer Online
Rp Drogado (Maconheiro)1503Archer Online
a MemberAline Bem Fofinha (oi bbs ;* )1011Archer Offline
Astralon1458Archer Online
Azulejo1232Barbarian Offline
Bigola1286Wizard Online
Birinightss1160Archer Offline
Blinx1020Archdruid Online
Brendon702Archdruid Online
Bunda Mole ( Bem Mole)1024Archer Online
Deboradordemundo1420Wizard Offline
Diretor Do Hospicio1003Archer Offline
Hidden (Retrozin )1220Archer Offline
Insector Sun1369Archer Offline
Iridescent1150Archer Online
Jooj826Archdruid Offline
Justiceiro1144Wizard Online
Mikki1020Barbarian Offline
Mr Sandman993Archdruid Offline
Nimue1420Wizard Online
Othi1208Wizard Online
Psikonejot1119Archer Online
Psyranger1008Archer Online
Samu1360Archdruid Online
Smiga Natsu1236Archer Online
Snuffix1024Archer Offline
Stevcio1101Archer Online
Syr Deerck1225Archer Online
Templariant898Barbarian Online
Thorkyhallz695Bowman Online
Thyop1004Barbarian Online
Timelorego ( Ceifador)1471Archer Online
Ultimate Enforced1257Barbarian Online
Vitamina De Quiabo1389Wizard Online

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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Players: 294
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