Guild: Deathridge

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Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderCabbage ( Slacker)1435Archer Offline
Garrosh1628Barbarian Offline
Tiny Slut ( Tiny)1753Archdruid Offline
a Vice-LeaderCondor (Tankie/Condy )1629Barbarian Online
Freyja1731Archdruid Offline
Ryu1227Archer Offline
a MemberAccelerator1085Wizard Offline
Alinyo1077Archer Online
Artisen1603Archer Offline
Ash1410Archer Offline
Asher1418Wizard Offline
Contemplem Oh Mago1400Archer Offline
Dalton ( )1637Archer Offline
Dinogg1425Archer Online
Ereshkigal1001Wizard Offline
Guard1685Barbarian Offline
Hektor1742Wizard Online
Issues1087Wizard Online
Klusterfuqq1057Archer Online
Mc Pal1603Archer Online
Mike Oxmaul1417Archer Online
Moss419Druid Offline
Nerf You (o.o)1512Archer Offline
Oby ( )1320Archdruid Online
Palanila (Mo Salah)1367Archer Offline
Palitera1014Archer Online
Pan Deluxe1652Wizard Online
Patch Adams1214Archdruid Offline
Perfect Darking1187Archer Offline
Raxiant1243Archer Offline
Ree ( )1338Barbarian Online
Rin ( Waifu)1519Archdruid Offline
Sameshima1052Wizard Online
Smutsig1148Archer Offline
Ucipher1022Archer Online
Victoria1402Archer Online
Wakestar1409Archer Online
Winzer (Black Dragon)1493Barbarian Offline
Yeezy1433Wizard Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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Players: 300
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