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Guild: Deathridge

Welcome to The Guild

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the LeaderCondor1988Barbarian Online
Tiny ( Smol )2112Archdruid Online
a Vice-LeaderKlusterfuq1978Barbarian Online
a MemberAgiota Que Mata1662Barbarian Online
Aroyoz809Wizard Offline
Asher1403Archer Online
Black Monkey ( )1428Archdruid Online
Blind Knight1650Barbarian Online
Brorsan1762Wizard Offline
Bulbasaur988Barbarian Offline
Cabinero1449Archer Offline
Chewie ( Road King)1117Wizard Online
Chiiko1509Barbarian Offline
Damiand1702Archer Offline
Destro1203Archer Offline
Dezastrous1379Barbarian Offline
Dioyerdj1008Archer Offline
Eagle927Barbarian Offline
Etzio1107Archdruid Offline
Evie1289Barbarian Offline
Freako1036Barbarian Offline
Gagatek1430Barbarian Offline
Gasilec1346Barbarian Offline
Geralt1430Barbarian Online
Gib Loot1050Archer Offline
Haruhiro850Archer Offline
Hesan1733Barbarian Offline
Hussel1165Wizard Online
Ironmite805Archer Offline
Isla1325Archdruid Offline
Johnny Bruxao1304Wizard Offline
Johnnyfive1721Archer Online
King1373Wizard Offline
Krogarpytt934Wizard Offline
Lt Dan (Got No Legs )1719Barbarian Online
Magonite1223Wizard Online
Matarrino672Warrior Offline
Mc Barb1609Barbarian Online
Mike Oxmaul570Bowman Online
Palanila1185Archer Offline
Pippeli861Barbarian Offline
Rang Nain1256Barbarian Offline
Rin1166Wizard Offline
Rodzic Podpity1505Archdruid Offline
Salve Legend1610Archer Offline
Selifaotia1600Barbarian Offline
Ser Der1468Archer Offline
Shazam1129Archdruid Online
Shotta979Archer Offline
Sinner1539Archer Offline
Snow1141Wizard Offline
Stem Cell1404Barbarian Offline
Stevcio868Bowman Offline
Sylvan1398Barbarian Online
Tjugo Slak1723Wizard Offline
Victoria1035Archdruid Offline
Willer1587Barbarian Online
Xasam1967Barbarian Online

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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