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Guild: Corsair Coalition

Welcome to The Guild

Rank: Name: Level: Vocation: Status:
the AdmiralAvaji1342Wizard Offline
Daddy (Big Papa )1960Barbarian Offline
Jack Meoff1513Wizard Offline
Nealith1363Archer Offline
Ownage2010Archdruid Offline
a CommodoreAids1398Archdruid Offline
Dark Bow1943Archer Offline
Ekochaos1762Archer Offline
Ellie1417Archdruid Offline
Fruwak2300Archer Offline
Jokrik2015Wizard Online
Mazikeen1916Archer Offline
Sherry (Dont Cry xD)2399Wizard Online
a CorsairAncient1330Archer Offline
Andrix1171Archer Online
Argument1830Archer Online
Artrosis834Wizard Offline
Badnews1408Wizard Offline
Dora Macumbeira1732Wizard Online
Durh1329Wizard Offline
Farme Boy Br1285Barbarian Online
Full Klata1966Barbarian Offline
Giorgio1778Barbarian Online
Gnutte2066Wizard Online
Gunky1701Archer Offline
Hagen1556Barbarian Offline
Healarah1706Archdruid Offline
Heavenly Slash1501Archer Offline
Kreacher1779Archer Offline
Lefim1779Archer Online
Lidrox2037Barbarian Online
Light Healer1206Archdruid Online
Liro1716Barbarian Offline
Merk2002Wizard Offline
Network1662Barbarian Offline
Nieznany1407Barbarian Online
Pan Deluxe1755Wizard Online
Phoenix1412Archdruid Online
Psycho2191Archdruid Online
Pudzina1490Archer Offline
Reteled1721Archer Offline
Sciernisko1867Archdruid Offline
Sexy Lady1457Archer Online
Shocky1317Barbarian Offline
Smallbutt1894Archer Offline
Stricin1808Archer Offline
Sword (Noob)1886Barbarian Offline
Szatan Serduszko1763Archdruid Offline
Tompa Eks1926Barbarian Offline
Totoro1578Archer Online
Tvin1659Barbarian Offline
Vchunkyhe2224Wizard Online
Webtar1513Archdruid Offline
Xray1719Archer Offline
Zoey1817Archer Offline
Zylix1562Wizard Offline

For accepting or inviting new players please use the guild system ingame. For more information access the WIKI

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